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Are you a PT?
John Doe

Are you a PT?

Do you want to show your clients the real gains they have made with your help?

I can do a before and after shoot for your clients, in a real photographic studio where they will do a similar set of poses in both sets of photos so that they can see the real differences in their size. Most before shots show the client at rest, shouders slumped so there is no real comparison of like for like poses, so the clients can't see the real results of your help.

Are you a Bodybuilder?
Jane Helf

Are you a Bodybuilder/Fitness Model?

Are you preparing for your next show?

We can work together during your preparation, I can take high quality photos of you so that you can see what body parts you need to concentrate on in your workouts. I will also take photos of your poses so that you can see what the judges will see, but in more detail so you can really 'Up your game' and make sure you look better than your competitors from every angle. I can also give you a set of photos at your competition best condition, so that year on year you can see the improvements.

Special Offer
Joshua Insanus

Limited Time Special Offer

Free shoot and copies of all images as well as selected edited photos

After the shoot, I will give you a full set of shots, along with copies of edited versions of the best shots. These images will be yours to post on your facebook/social media/etc

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